Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Online Citizen call to join their GE 2015 coverage team

What are you gonna do for the upcoming General Elections? The Online Citizen is calling all who wanna be involved to join them for the coverage of the upcoming GE.

* Register from this site http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/join-us/
This opportunity won’t come again until half a decade later! We hope you will come on board and join those who are already part of our GE team.
Commitment – We would be giving out a form to indicate his or her availability, so volunteers can indicate when they are free to commit and not for the entire GE period.

Writer – Commentaries writers on issues brought up by the political parties, candidates or citizens
*Reporter – Going down on the ground to report on what happened during the rallies or walkabouts or any incident that may happen during the election.

 – To accompany the reporting crew to events,walkabouts, rallies for coverage.Copyright will belong to the photographer, TOC is allowed to use the photos for its coverage purpose*Videographer – To accompany the reporting crew to events, walkabouts, rallies for coverage. Also with our vox pox crew to gather opinions from members of public. Would be best if possess own video-camera.
Video-editor – To help edit the video clips produced by the videographers and edit for public consumption and attachment with the articles.
Infographics – To help create charts and graphics to illustrate issues on a graphical aspect.
*Survey taking – To help conduct polls on issues that voters may be concern about or how they feel about happenings.

Snap and post reporter
 – As the description states, volunteers to help to down near their ward to talk some photos of any happenings and to do some simple reporting.
IE , take a photo of a candidate doing house visit. “XXX has come to blk 150 CCK lane of CCKGRC in the early morning of 10 Sep to do his walkabout, residents were welcoming towards his presence and some asked to take photos together with the candidate. About 15 members of the party accompained the candidate in his walkabout”
Social Media watcher – To help the social media editor to watch the facebook, twitter, internet forums on discussions of matters pertaining to the election and to feedback the info.*Allowance – There will be meal and transportation allowance but reimbursement for taxi fees subjected to approval.
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