Monday, September 28, 2015

Chen Jian Bing sing haze song (funny )

Chen Jian Bing sings a haze song. I didnt really catch some parts of the song. My chinese not so good. Does he blame Indonesia and the Singapore companies?

From a friend, Ivy. She says he commented that the different authorities 'taichi' the responsibility.

Sure it is funny but from humour and comedy, we also critique these issues. In this case, Chen critiques the different authorities on the issue of haze. In the song, his anger burns ...

I was ignorant so I asked a friend if he remembered if the haze was around in the 60s. He couldn't remember it.

So I googled and to find out more about it. These came up.

In short, haze has not been around for so long. It is man-made and can be resolved.

Lastly, Minister Vivian said Singapore Government is going to take action on companies based in Singapore. All thanks to the new act. I am doubtful if fines can resolve the problem permanently. We await the outcome.

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