Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I don't know who you are but thank you

As we were leaving the Singfirst Rally at Queenstown Stadium, we noticed an elderly couple holding hands and standing at the carpark.

At first I thought they were waiting for someone to pick them up. Then I realised that they were not waiting still but moving extremely slowly.

I approached them and asked if they were alright. I found out that the husband has Parkinson's disease and have trouble walking. They are thinking of taking a taxi even though they live a few blocks away. At this time, a mother and daughter passed by and offered them a ride after knowing about this elderly couple's problem.

So while waiting for their ride, I spoke to them.

I found out that both of them are working as hawkers at a nearby hawker centre. Despite the husband's condition, he really wanted to come and listen to the rally. I asked if they have Internet and computer at home, the wife said no. She said that he attended many rallies during GE2011 and he wanted to do so this time too. I asked if he is on medication and she replied yes but the medicine is quite expensive. She also felt that the PAP was good in the past but life is not good now. The government has no heart now. 

Their ride arrived. I bade them farewell and the kind-hearted driver sent them back. 

Many people are moved by the presence of Chiam See Tong when he appears at rallies to render support to the other candidates. Chiam is an icon of the opposition and his presence inspires the people and reminds them of the struggle. Seeing this sweet couple clutching each other's hands and seeing that grin on the husband's face as they walk home. Tonight their courage and determination have moved me.

I did not manage to ask them for their names but I want to thank both of them for reminding me that elections are important because they give us hope and a real opportunity for us to vote for change. 

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