Tuesday, October 20, 2015

6 Ways to Avoid Palm Oil (And Why You Should)

Some kind of guide on palm oil.

So what's so bad about Palm oil right? Destroying the forests just to grow palm is bad enough. That endangers the wild life that lives in the forests. Yes, this cute photo of the orang utan... he is in danger.

Palm oil is very high in saturated fat. That is linked to chronic disease.

From the article below, palm oil must be extracted from the pit with a gasoline-like hydrocarbon solvent. That means chemically extracted.
Palm oil is cheap, unhealthy fat that is used by companies to increase profits. 
So it is used in many products. We can start being conscious and read the labels of some of this stuff we are eating and using. 

The six tips paraphrased below: 
  1. "Vegetable oil" is a most likely palm oil. 
  2. Most packaged foods by corporate giants contain palm oil. (cheap fat helps maximise their profit) Don't buy from them. 
  3. Avoid products containing > 40% saturated fat of it's total fat content. 
  4. Ingredients with 'palm' avoid.
  5. do a search on product if not sure. 'product name + palm oil'
  6. choose products with clearly labelled oils. e.g. Sunflower oil etc. 

6 Ways to Avoid Palm Oil (And Why You Should)

Why palm oil is bad for you and bad for endangered orangutans

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