Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jakarta Takes Over 25 Flat Units in Marunda

This will be where the Jakarta Really Really Free Market will happen in November.

I archive the article about Marunda here. When we spoke with a resident at Marunda, we heard about this problem that some people abuse the system. These people don't really qualify for the housing because they are not 'low-income' or 'poor'. They somehow get allocated these flats and would sub-rent it out for profit.

I have also heard of such cases in Singapore where some 'rental flats' are allocated to them because they could circumvent the system.
SUNDAY, 02 AUGUST, 2015 | 09:22 WIB
Jakarta Takes Over 25 Flat Units in Marunda

TEMPO.COJakarta - In order to prevent any flat misuses, the Jakarta Housing and Government Buildings Department took over tens of Marunda low-cost flat units, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Friday (7/31) night. As a result, as much as 25 flats were padlocked and 10 flats were red-sealed.
The effort was done as either the occupant or flat owner been reported often handed over and unoccupied. Therefore, the Management Unit of Low-Cost Flat (UPRS) Region 1 Jakarta Housing and Government Buildings Department has already sent warning letter with deadline until Monday (7/27).
“We’ve sent warning leter to the owner. But they remain neglect it, that’s why we react,” said Abdul Rahman, Head of Low-Cost Flat Management Unit Region 1 for Jakarta Housing and Government Buildings Department, Saturday (8/1).
Rahman conveyed that, the controlling was done in three clusters in Marunda Flat. The management also sealed the units as the owner did not comply the rental agreement (SP).
“We’ll red-seal the unit, if there’s a wrong procedure. We give them much time until next Monday to take care of their flat,” he disclosed.


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