Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jakarta Report #1

Jen and me is in Jakarta to finally prepare and stage the Jakarta Really Really Free Market for the Jakarta Biennale. 

We are organising the Jakarta Really Really Free Market. I am wondering if you have some of your friends living in Jakarta that may be interested to give their stuff that they don't need to the free market.

Could you help reach out to them? 

We need more stuff for the installation and the event!

The FB event page is below:


Jakarta tips & highlights: 

  • 5th Nov 2015: Headache today. popped 2 panadols. Hope for the best. Still have drawings plans to be made by tomorrow. ooooooh
  • 7th Nov 2015 must plan to charge my phone (extended cyber body) on time... Especially when you only have 1 charger and 2 phones. 

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