Friday, November 27, 2015

Urgent support needed for Kho Jabing and family | We Believe In Second Chances

I am glad there is temporary stay of execution for Jabing. Met the Death Penalty activist yesterday. They are looking for money to help the family when they visit him again after the judgement.

Also importantly, they are so stretched and really short of help and sleep. They need more hands seriously.

Singapore Anti Death Penalty Campaign -

Just saw this message. There is an urgent call for donations to support the family of Kho Jabing, whose clemency has recently been rejected by the President on the advice of the Cabinet. They are currently here in Singapore now and require some funding to cover the cost of their stay here while awaiting the grim inevitable. The estimated cost is $1800.00. Some of which are being covered by the campaigners at Second Chances and SADPC out of their own pocket as well as existing small pool of fund. They need more to cover the rest. Please spread the word widely. 

For more information on how to send in your donation, please email

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