Monday, March 07, 2016

About TV

A visit to About TV - About Cafe 

On 21 November 2002 (Thu), Josef Ng brought members of Artists Village to visit About Cafe. Here are some pictures which taken on this day. As seen from the photographs, we were introduced to their project About TV which is a non-profit web-cast station developed by AARA (About Art Related Activities) in collaboration with Superchannel. 

If I remembered correctly, the About TV space was located upstairs. Air was the person in charge of the About TV project. 

After visiting the About TV space, we went downstairs to About Cafe for a drink. We were sitting and having a drink in the photographs below. About Cafe was a location for a Thai horror film where three girls are sharing horror stories with each other. 

I am glad we had a chance to be in the same space. It is more than being a movie set. About Cafe is an important experimental art space in Bangkok in the 90s. (See I don't remember going back to this space for another visit. From the photographs, we visited the About Cafe in the late night of the 21st Nov and stayed on past midnight. The last photo was dated 12:50am 22nd Nov.    
Having Drinks at About Cafe (L to R): Jeremy Hiah, Juliana Yassin, Josef Ng, Agnes Yit, Kai Lam and Woon Tien Wei. Photograph most probably was taken by Jennifer Teo 

About Cafe Building from the outside

 A few days later, Jennifer and I returned to About Cafe and conducted an interview with Air about About Cafe / about TV activities. During this time, I have been interviewing various people in the arts and published a podcast online. It is unclear if I released the podcast eventually. If so, maybe I may have broadcasted this interview on Radioqualia's Walker Art Center Project. (note: Co-founder of Radioqualia, Honor Harger is at the point of this blogpost the Director of the Art Science Museum in Singapore.

Subsequently, Air came to Singapore where she managed the Arts Network Asia (ANA) for TheatreWorks. 

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