Monday, March 21, 2016


A reading list from 2000. 

Sze-Chin and myself eating at a chinese restuarant. 

Book list from 23/11 nov 2000

1> the cardinal points of art. Untelevision issue 2. No. 4095
- in library.
2> black adder: bells:head: potato. - cassette tape.

3>not the 9'o clock news : includes the hedgehog sandwich and not the double album. cassette tape.
3>revolution in the head: the beatles records and the 60s. By ian macdonald., 1994. Isbn:0-7126-6208-1
4)The Radical in Performance: between Brecht and Baudrillard by Baz Kershaw, pub. by routledge, london,
1992, isbn: 0-415-18667(hbk), isbn: 0-415-18668-4(pbk)

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