Monday, April 11, 2016

the last sunday of 2008. / Old draft

[draft from: 12/29/2008]

Have a slight migraine today.

Wow. Thks to all of u who turned up today at Food #03 and Post-Museum. Everyone missed Jennifer. She was at home resting. She is burnt out I suppose. By now, I'm tired. Lots happened today so I will update the day.

Quite constant flow of people today. That's nice. As some Sundays are so quiet. Quite a few visitors to the gallery so that was nice. U know art followed by a cuppa coffee or Pm pour.

There was the reading group today. Lysa, Roderick, anant and myself. Poured our thoughts over Renaissance city report 2.0. Talking about richard Florida's Rise of the creative class. Also scrutining some of the details...

Seok came with Aileen and Monica. Found out that she was recently hospitalized. So, talked a little about health matters and how a lot of artist don't take good care of their health.

Holly who is having an exhibition was bombarded by hordes of people in the evening. As I said, easily 300 people between 6 to 9pm. If it looks interesting.

Finally got to read the zaobao article. It's a great article - really well written. It has a slight impact since a few people actually turned up looking for Food #03!

Got a call from Terry and Jonathon while closing up and they are sourcing for some speakers for Rowell Road Countdown! Hopefully it can happen ... actually depends if the price is right.

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