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Some new flash from 2010.

  The Straits Times Newsletter - May 24, 2010
  Your 60-second News Bulletin

Prime News

Goodbye, Dr Goh

TO THE nation, Dr Goh Keng Swee was former deputy prime minister and a great thinker and visionary, a man of action, economic architect of Singapore.


AFTER weeks of unrest, Bangkok gets back to business today as schools and government agencies reopen, although a shortened curfew remains in place until tonight.



Baby steps to learning

BEFORE they have learnt to walk, they might have learnt to swim. Play drums. Attempt a forward roll. Strike a tree pose.

Internet abuzz over techno prodigies

TEENS and youngsters are not just downloading games or mobile applications.



South Korea to refer ship sinking case to UN council

SEOUL: South Korea said yesterday that it will take the case of its sunken naval vessel to the United Nations Security Council, in a bid to tighten the economic vice on impoverished North Korea after accusing it of torpedoing the ship.

China probes NZ link in missing millions

WELLINGTON: Chinese authorities are investigating whether millions of dollars embezzled by a former rail company executive has been laundered through New Zealand, a report said yesterday.



Smaller developers rise above giants

SMALL to mid-sized property developers are punching above their weight amid the aggressive jostling among industry players to replenish depleting land banks.

Turning to outside sources for hiring

WHILE well-established among multinational corporations (MNCs) in the United States and Europe, recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is a relatively new concept to Asia.



'Lifestyle superpower' status under threat

PARIS: The assumptions and gains of a lifetime are suddenly in doubt across Western Europe.

Social safety nets filled with red ink

GROSS public social expenditures across the European Union increased from



Parting gift

MADRID: Fresh from guiding Inter Milan to Champions League glory, Jose Mourinho looks set to sign a four-year deal with Real Madrid worth €10 million (S$17.5 million) a year - the highest salary ever paid to a football manager.

Expats and tourists enjoy finale

AT THE sound of Howard Webb's final whistle, the high fives, handshakes and hugs began in Sapore Italiano, a cafe bar located in Raffles City Shopping Centre.


ST Forum

Why it's not a solution

IN LAST Monday's commentary ('Small nuclear reactors a new green option') by Mr Michael Richardson, the small nuclear reactor technology was enthusiastically described as 'a packaged solution for Singapore' because not only will it provide the necessary energy for Singapore's future, but it will also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Time to take deterrent action against cruel dog breeders

THE May 14 feature, 'Good breeding practices urged for dog farms', laid bare the unscrupulous practices of dog breeders on farms.

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