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Growing 1000: Let's Get Together Party
Growing 1000: Let's Get Together Party
14th Jan 2017
8pm - Midnight

Growing 1000: Let's Get Together party is a party for 1 Dies, 1000 Grow, an exhibition of Jeremy Hiah's new work. []

You may have heard that alternative art space Your MOTHER Gallery will be closing in a few months time. Sadly, this marks the end of a chapter in Singapore's art history.

The renaissancing of Singapore since 2000 see a process of rapid cultural development in Singapore through new cultural and social policies.

The arts is encouraged to flourish - by being bigger, stronger and faster. Today, we hear laments that the art scene is all art fairs and market forces - we lost our souls, or for some maybe we sold our souls.

Originated in the kitchen of the residence of artists Jeremy Hiah and Lina Adam, Your MOTHER Gallery was established on 31st Dec 2004 with a mission to provide an alternative and affordable art space. Subsequently, the gallery moved into their main hall. Despite the alterity, Your Mother Gallery drew a slew of artists (emerging and established) who would want to show there.

Your MOTHER gallery is quite different from other art galleries is an understatement. It is remarkably different because it is situated within the living room in the home of the artists. This gesture of sharing their personal space is a humble and meaningful one especially in the age of Singapore's Renaissance where the arts are not encouraged to be 'too humble'.

Growing 1000: Let's Get Together party is not about reflecting on the end of a chapter but how to start a better one.

Things don't just happen, and things don't just grow or keep growing.

On this occasion, let's get together for 2017.

There will be a DJ station - so bring your MP3 and spin your cool tunes for the night.

Potluck food & drinks - share with old friends and make new ones.

* use the board to discuss what you are bringing food, drinks & logistics!


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