Sunday, January 08, 2017

Post-Museum Post (6 Jan 2017): 1 Dies, 1000 Grow+Growing 1000: Let’s Get Together Party+Rehearsal


Hi friend,
Happy new year! 
2017 is off to a busy start for us as we prepare for 1 Dies, 1000 Grow, an exhibition by Jeremy Hiah; Growing 1000: Let’s Get Together Party; and our new project Rehearsal. All 3 projects are happening in Jan, before Chinese New Year!
Come join us! We hope to see you soon at one or more of these.


1. 11-24 Jan, 12-6pm (Closed on Mon)
1 Dies, 1000 Grow
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road

Post-Museum is presenting this new exhibition of woodcut works by Jeremy Hiah.

2. 14 Jan, 8pm-12mn
Growing 1000: Let’s Get Together Party
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road

A get-together, a party of 1 Dies, 1000 Grow, and also a sort of farewell party for Your MOTHER Gallery, not to reflect on the end of a chapter but on how to start a better one! Bring food and drinks, and your MP3s.

3. 20-22 Jan
NTU CCA Singapore, Blk 43 Malan Road 

Taking the form of a campsite, Rehearsal is an invitation to the public to live together for 3 days/2 nights. We will be building the site through a collective wood workshop using recycled materials from NTU CCA Singapore’s previous exhibitions. The site will include a kitchen, sleeping area, library, an edition of Singapore Really Really Free Market Store, and a meditation space. Come join in the camping!

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