Friday, February 10, 2017

Pursuit of realness

View of Rehearsal

Browsed through On Kawara's phaidon book. Within the book were some works which I have never seen. It was an enjoyable read actually. I would recommend it. Of course he is more than DATE Paintings. Basically, he is a busy man - going about his routines.

He makes me think that I am not defragmenting enough.

Here goes:

30 Jan - attended the 'old left' CNY luncheon. A time to reflect on the history of the detained. After which, we had coffee and spoke with an ex-detainee where she shared on the need to use a more complex lens to look at the past.

Finished Rehearsal in January and started working on the documentation.
see here:

Working out a new essay about the Post-Popup project for a NTU CCA publication and making some additions to the documentation of Post-Museum's work between 2016-2017.

Jen and me went to Substation's opening of the Co-Op. Caught up with some friends.

Ate at a veg place.

Had tutorials with my BA year 2 group.

Looked at Rudi's extendable fibreglass poles - trying to figure out which ones to fix and replace.

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