Saturday, July 25, 2015

Little Buddha from the Singapore Really Really Free Market

via Instagram

Here is a picture of a little buddha found at the 37th edition of the Singapore Really Really Free Market @ Toa Payoh.

He almost got lost in all the stuff and was going into the recycled pile. When I held onto him, I felt a
steady surge of energy. I thought that was strange and he seems pretty special. So I asked Jen and others to feel it. Jen confirmed got something. Eventually Bianca to felt it and three of us agreed. There is something special here.

Well, Bianca kept him. I asked for a photo to ask some amulets and buddha experts to see if this is valuable. Well, asked someone and he said it is a replica. At first, I was thinking maybe it is a treasure of some sort. I guess to this dude, it means not valuable in the buddha market.

The little Buddha came free and to some he may have little monetary value. However, the chance encounter and the energy it resonates... and having it rescued and finding it a second home. The Little Buddha is priceless.

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