Thursday, September 17, 2015

KEEP CALM and Carry on!

Looking back at LHL UOB rally. He also used the metaphor of the rainbow as some form of hope. His rainbow metaphor is better than his other GE metaphors like unicorn / Qi Ling. Someone must stop this tradition of politicians with bad metaphor. IT is not helping and it really messes with the real message.  

Well, we are at the end of GE 2015. I did not get to see the rainbow I want to see. I accept the results. I hope that this new parliament can reflect Singapore's diversity.   

Here is my response in the form of a comic. Inspired by comic heroes the Art of Charlie Chan (Sonny Liew), Demon-Cratic Studio and Cartoon Press. Do support them by buying their work. 

ps. I actually enjoyed drawing this. Jen can tell you. 

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