Friday, September 18, 2015

Somebody is better than nobody | Demon-cratic | DC0391

A comic strip by
Demon-cratic : Somebody is better than nobody 

This comic strip has been going around recently. In light of the GE 2015, this particular strip becomes quite relevant isn't it? Every little discussion I had recently, we do come across this argument that the majority of the people are conservative. Often the notion of freedom, democracy, efficiency is defined so rigidly that only the Singapore version of these tweaked concept works. 

If we are really a conservative bunch, emancipatory processes are also calculated and pre-scripted right. Do we actually believe that Singapore is are waiting for the right balance, the right moment for us to be more liberal and progressive? 

People are more complex than that. Well many things still surprise me. I have lots of faith in the people. 

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