Friday, October 23, 2015

GE2015: Final thoughts (1 of 4)

This series of blog posts by Sudhir as he reflected on the issues of GE 2015.

As I am still working on editing the GE 2015 reader. I thought I should put something here to continue working on that publication.

Looking at these materials again is actually quite interesting now that we know how the elections go. I still feel strongly that the debate must continue.

[...]First, as Singapore prepares for its next phase of development, we simply do not have a sufficient diversity of ideas in the public realm. Our level of public debate and discourse is terrible. Our country is not having the conversations it so desperately needs.

Though our political complacency is partly to blame, I believe it is mostly the PAP’s fault. It does not genuinely want the opposition and observers like myself to contribute to any debate. [...]

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