Sunday, March 04, 2018

Post-Museum Post (16 Jan 2018): Garage Sale, Fundraising Party + Lessons Amongst Trees

Hi friend,
A Happy January to you and family! 
Wishing you an awesome and magical 2018! 
No matter what happened in 2017, it kinda happened. 
It does get easier to know that we are not alone and we wish to thank you for being somewhere nearby.
I hope we can faciliate more collaborations and meaningful connections this year. 

Below are some of the get togethers we are organising... and more excuses to be 'up to no good'. 
This month we are mostly hanging around Your Mother Gallery, Coda Culture and Independent Archive. 
So Come join us this Fri+Sat for a fundraising party at Your Mother Gallery! 
1. 22 Dec 2017 -15 Mar 2018, 12-6pm (Closed on Mon)
Lessons Amongst Trees @ The Village (is) Kitchen
Located in House 7 in Yantian's Dameisha Village

Post-Museum is presenting this new work, Lessons Amongst Trees explores the relationships between trees and humans, and how it opens up spaces of hope.
2. 7-21 Jan, 4pm-10pm
Your Mother Gallery Garage Sale
Support by buying something
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road

Get some awesome stuff!
It is kind of like our Shopper/Hero project in 2008 where a percentage of the sale from your products will be for the benefit of Your Mother Gallery.
*The money raised will help with the rental for YMG so that they can start a new programme of shows for 2018.

3. 19+20 Jan, 7pm-11pm
Your Mother Gallery Fundraising Party 
Entry by Contributions
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road

Come for an evening of fun with friends and making new friends. There will be YMG noodles, drinks and karaoke.

Fundraising items and art works are available to support YMG. 

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