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Post-Museum Post (6 March 2018): LEAVING ROOM, Renew Earth Sewing Club and Lessons Amongst Trees

Post-Museum Post (6 March 2018): LEAVING ROOM, Renew Earth Sewing Club and Lessons Amongst Trees

Can't believe that it is March already. We are now almost in the 1st quarter of the year!

We have been kept busy with different projects and public programmes. It has been nice to catch up and dream up new dreams.

We curated a show at Your Mother Gallery called the LEAVING ROOM which features works from 7 artists. Do drop by and have a look.

One of our studios from Atelier Rakyat, Renew Earth Sewing Club which started last year with participatory sewing workshops to work on climate change. They will be presenting their creations at Lions Forge showcase during design week. 

I hope Post-Museum can facilitate more collaborations and meaningful connections this year. With that in mind, we are adding a Post-IT section where we can post up some opportunities for collaborations, volunteering and jobs from Post-Museum and our networks.

Lastly, join us this Sat night for the artist talk by Fiona and Firhana at Your Mother Gallery!


1. 10 March, 7pm
LEAVING ROOM artist talks: Fiona Koh & Firhana Almuddin 
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/343735656109856/
Get to know more about the work of Firhana and Fiona who show their work in the LEAVING ROOM.

2. 23 Feb 2018 -18 Mar 2018, By Appointment
Your MOTHER Gallery, 91A Hindoo Road
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/542134189485192/

Leaving Room presents the works of:

Firhana Almuddin
Fiona Koh
Kheyton Lim ShiQuan
Nicholas Lim
Michelle Lim
Eugene Tan
Nicolette Teo
The works in this exhibition are made in the proximity to each artist’s living room. Each work explores each artist’s lived experiences and embody some form of lived resistances.

The exhibition brings these works into Your Mother Gallery. A gallery operated out of another artist’s living room. It is possible to think that the Leaving Room’s exhibition re-instates and perhaps re-constructs another living room by drawing these works together in Your Mother’s living room.

3..10-18 March 2018
Tactical Threads: How to survive urban atrocities?

Renew Earth Sewing Club will be presenting a new work in a group showcase at the Lions Forge Pit Stop for the Singapore Design Week at Funan Showsuite.

Tactical Threads is a satirical take on protective clothing, survival manuals and urban legends. Tactical Threads features a mix of clothes, windows and installation which illustrate strategies of assuring ‘safe passage’, escaping and ‘hiding places’.

Renew Earth Sewing Club is a part of Atelier Rakyat, a workshop arm of Post-Museum.

4. 22 Dec 2017 -15 Mar 2018, 12-6pm (Closed on Mon)
Lessons Amongst Trees @ The Village (is) Kitchen
Located in House 7 in Yantian's Dameisha Village

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/405507436553683
URL: http://szhkbiennale.org/Exhibits/details.aspx?id=10000744
Post-Museum is presenting this new work, Lessons Amongst Trees explores the relationships between trees and humans, and how it opens up spaces of hope.

---- ---
1. OutPost in KL, Malaysia
We are developing an OutPost in KL. This will be a work studio and living space where we wish to invite different cultural practitioners to work in and immerse in KL's cultural life. 
This is open to all international cultural practitioners (including people who live in KL).

If you are interested in participating, please email us: admin@post-museum.org

2. Curatorial Working Group for Independently Spirited Projects
We are interested to form a curatorial group to develop small exhibition or projects. This initiative comes from our interest in finding ways to facilitate the development of independent spaces in Singapore.
If you are interested in participating, please email us: admin@post-museum.org

3. Soup Kitchen Special Projects
We have been distributing food to the needy in Lavender area for almost 8 years. We are looking for people who want to develop Special Projects for Soup Kitchen Community of recipients.
If you are interested to participate, please email us: admin@post-museum.org

4. Soup Kitchen Volunteers
We hope to contribute to making life a little easier for the needy in Singapore.

If you want to be a volunteer with us, please contact Tay Shi Ying, our volunteer co-ordinator, via SMS 98423287.

5. Art Reporting for HAPPENING 
Happening is a new initiative dedicated to art shows of a smaller scale, whose themes might not be small.

Interested in writing for Happening? Please contact the page admin.
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